Corporate sustainability

As a part of one of the world's leading dairy companies, we recognize that we have responsibilities towards our customers, suppliers, and employees, as well as towards the world in which we operate. To formalize these responsibilities, we have drafted our corporate responsibility (CR) policy, which summarizes our long-standing commitment to operating responsibly, while providing greater focus for our future efforts in this area.

Our unique character

We believe that sustainable growth goes hand in hand with responsible business operations. As such, we feel it is necessary that for corporate responsibility to become an integral aspect of our core strategy and our day-to-day operations. We act as an logistical intermediary between purchasers and suppliers, and as such we see it as a key responsibility to assure that logistical (food) safety and quality standards are met for all the products that we ship.

People: our employees are our most valuable assets. We work ceaselessly to maintain their professionalism and expertise.

Planet: activities such as the transportation and warehousing of (dairy) products are carried out with great care and responsibility. Our impact is limited to the offices we occupy, the paper we use and miles that we travel for our business.

Market: we source and deliver according to the specifications and requirements that we receive from our customers. It is of vital to us that the all transports for our customers meet all relevant (food) safety and quality requirements.

Society: we have introduced a code of conduct for all our operating companies, governing the conduct of our employees. This code of conduct covers integrity, compliance with laws and regulations, fraud and conflicts of interests.

We form an integral part of the communities in which we operate. In order to contribute to those communities, we have selected several charities to support. We also actively encourage our employees to play an active role in the communities in which we operate.

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